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DO YOU AGREE? Here Are The 4 Solid Reasons Why Rap Music Is Dying/Dead In Nigeria



Down the years in the Nigerian Music Industry, rap has become a very negligible genre of music, most of our artistes are not going into that genre anymore because it isn’t a selling point in this part of the world.
Nigerian rappers feels the country audience doesn’t pay attention to the conscious rap music unlike the early days of ModeNine, Reminisce, M.I, Vector Eldee, and so many others and decides to switch to pop music.
As Nigeria’s No. 1 Music & Entertainment website, we thought we should list out some reasons why the Rap genre has gone down the pecking order in this part of the world


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4 Solid Reasons Why Rap Music Is Dying/Dead In Nigeria

1. Time Revolution

The rap game has been overlooked in the priority scale of the Nigerian music industry because there is a large influence on sound and also change of market, majority of the audience wants to listen to that gbe gbe sound, cocky lyrics, talks about money.
No one vibes to the bass sound, word plays and punch line of rap songs anymore, everyone goes to the club to dance and the conscious rap sound can’t be played in this type of locations.
This reason makes the rappers don’t stay true to rap music anymore, they sing today and rap tomorrow with the likes of Olamide, Ycee, Dremo, Skales fall in this category because that is what the business market is all about now.

2. Misuse Of Contents

This aspect is where the present generation of rappers are lacking. Most rappers don’t speak of what the early days rappers sing about that makes the audience really interested in their songs anymore.
Back then the contents were about lifestyle of the people, speaking about the government, singing about the state of the society unlike the present ones who just raps about bitches, money, dissing of fellow rappers and using cocky lines most times.
These stuffs are what most mainstream rappers presently talk about  but still credit to the underground rappers who still speaks about the government and state of the society but these guys are not given the deserved attention, the likes of Trod, Erriga, Boogey, Kahli Abdu, A-Q, and Kaynon

3. Record Labels

It also goes down to the hands of the record label owners who also don’t want to sign rappers.
The label owners shy from investing in the rap genre because the revenue it generates can’t be compared to that of the Afro beat folks, everyone wants to make money and this genre isn’t what the market audience are relying on.

4. Inconsistency

This is where I think the biggest problem comes in for the modern day rappers, they are all fired up when they are still hustling hard for the money, dropping freestyles and hard bars on every track they release when they are called upcoming but immediately these guys get signed to record labels or they begin to get attention and recognition around the country, their hard work begins to depreciates, they stop going to the studio regularly, the punch lines and word plays that brought about the recognition begins to reduce in their tracks and eventually go missing at some point and an example of this is Dremo, his album Codename was more of Afro pop than Rap.


Rap legends like MI, Vector have tried to revive the game but the more they try, the more they get influenced by the Afro beat sound 😅 😅
In as much as the Nigerian music market has made it difficult for the rappers and rap music, I still feel the rap game can be revived and can compete with the Afro beat genre in revenue, streams and chart toppings if these bullet points of mine are corrected.

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